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21st July 96 -
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Anonymous asked: let me take your order whats your name whats you number

Your game is on point

Anonymous asked: you going to have greek wedding when your older

Ha, dunno

Anonymous asked: i really wish i could tick every box on you long list of what your girl should be

Maybe if you weren’t anon

Anonymous asked: jeans or leggings on a girl


State of elevation

State of elevation

Anonymous asked: your eyes thooooooo


Anonymous asked: its a little shallow that you picture this perfect girl she has to be smart, pretty, nice bum, nice boobs, sporty its bit much tbh youre really good looking but expecting all of that from one girl is a bit much im sure if us girls could choose to be all those things we would however, we cant. so in reality maybe just be a little lenient with 'your type of girl'

Why do you give a fuck? My opinions are subjective so you have no clue

Anonymous asked: why does age matter to you so much i mean say if you really liked a girl but you stopped talking to her because shes only like 4 years younger then you

I’m 17 you mug, a 13 year old is called paedophilia 

Anonymous asked: you know its vile if use a girl for sex

Your point?

Anonymous asked: i love Greek food and the girls are so hot youre lucky man to be Greek


Opposing bigotry without the state – Why government shouldn’t coercively sanction businesses that refuse to serve certain people

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